Naming Your Company App

Naming Your Company App: How to Come Up With Awesome App Names

If you’re thinking of creating an app, you have some pretty stiff competition. There are already over three million apps available for Android users and around two million apps created for Apple users.

Which means, not only should your app do something amazing, but it also has to have a name that will get people to sit up and take notice. Think of it this way, your app is your business.

If the name of your business is awful, it will turn off the public. If it’s boring, no one will even take notice.

We’d like to help you get started brainstorming app names. Keep reading to learn how to name an app.

The Best App Names Stir Up Emotions

If you take a look at the various types of marketing and advertising that’s all around us, you’ll notice they all aim to do one thing. They want you to feel some sort of an emotion.

People buy products and services because they feel some sort of an emotion. Usually, it’s a positive emotion.

Think of your favorite ads. Most of them are funny or touching. Your icon and your app name is the first impression of your app. Make it memorable and make people get an indication of what they can expect from downloading your app.

Be Inspired But Don’t Copy

Go ahead and take a look at other cool app names and images that are already out there. Use them for inspiration.

Try finding apps that are similar in function to yours and see what they are doing. Take a look at how popular the other apps are. You can learn just as much by studying the ones who aren’t as successful as you can from the apps who are successful.

Then do something that’s all your own.

This is the beginning of building your brand. Make sure you set yourself apart from everyone else.

Make It Short and Sweet

Let’s face it, humans do not have long attention spans. Do us all a favor when naming an app, don’t make it too long or complicated.

Think of all the names of businesses or other apps already out there. The best ones are short and sweet.

Make sure it’s not difficult to spell the name of your app. The easier it is to remember and spell, the easier it is to find your app in a sea of millions.

Know Your Audience

You are not going to get everyone who owns an iPhone or an Android to download your app. It won’t happen.

Part of branding is choosing an app name that is aligned with your core audience. Figure out exactly who is most likely to use your app.

Find out what you can about them. How much they earn, where they live, and even their outside interests will all help you create a name that will capture their attention.

The better you get to know your niche audience, the easier it is to connect with them.

Use an App Name Generator

There are plenty of sites out there that offer the use of a free app name generator. Don’t be afraid to use more than one of them to see what names they come up for you.

You don’t have to use the name(s) they come up with, but these names can help you brainstorm and devise a name that is clever, functional, and memorable.

Optimize Your App Name for Searches

Customers will search for your app in the same way they search for anything else online. They’ll use a keyword search.

Also, to ensure the success of your app, you’ll need to do online and social media marketing as well. Choose a name that works well on all platforms.

However, do not give into temptation an overstuff keywords. Select keywords that are most applicable to describe your app.

Use keywords that are high search traffic keywords and place them in your title and description. You’ll need to create a website as well so whatever app name you come up with, check to make sure the domain name hasn’t been taken yet.

Do a check on all the social media outlets you plan on using as well. If the name is already taken, keep searching until you find one that isn’t taken so you can use it across all platforms.

Part of successful branding is continuity. If you have to change the name, it confuses your core audience.

Stick to Sentence-Case App Spelling

While you might think that spelling your app name with app caps is memorable, it won’t be. It will actually work against you.

And don’t even think about starting the name of your app using lower case letters, either. These methods tend to make your app less trustworthy.

People buy what they trust. Breaking convention is sometimes a good thing, but not when it comes to proper spelling.

Don’t Rush

It’s exciting to develop an app. You want to show it off to everyone and see what happens once it’s on the market.

But if you rush too quickly, you may end up making a few bad decisions that can severely limit the success of your app.

Make sure you really love the app name you come up with. Make sure the name pops with the just right amount combination of telling users what it is and what it does.

You put time and effort into creating an app, make sure you do the entire process the right way.

Be Wary of Trademark Issues

Don’t forget about possible trademark infringement when you’re naming your app. And be mindful that each app store has its own rules and processes when granting the use of a name in a particular category.

But even the app stores can’t tell you if you’ve accidentally infringed on a trademark if it’s not within that specific app store. Which is why you need to use the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS).

You can also save yourself time and money by hiring a trademark screening specialist. Otherwise, at best, you’ll be asked to change the name of your app or it will be removed from the store.

At worst, you could end up facing a lawsuit.

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