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What Your First Call With An App Developer Will Be Like

So you’ve submitted the online form to the Appineers, and we’ve asked to set up a time to talk. You’re probably wondering, if you reply, what’s going to happen?

Maybe you’re even a little worried. “Will I still own my idea if I work with a developer?” “Will there be pressure to start right away?”

Relax, it’s going to be fine. (And there’s no cost for any of what follows on this page.)

We start with some legal protections for you (Nondisclosure Agreement)

The most important thing that’s going to happen on the call is we will make sure that we and you have both signed a Nondisclosure Agreement (“NDA”), to protect your rights. We won’t share your idea with anyone else, and we won’t copy it for ourselves, either.

This is standard when working with The Appineers! Zach, creator of a game called CapTurn that we are helping him develop, said, “When I talked to [The Appineers new project team], the first thing they did was give me a NDA, which protects me.”

The Appineers works on a fee-for-service basis, which means we work for you. You still own your app idea. (In fact, even if you stop working with us before you are finished, you own everything we’ve done up until then.) Many design companies ask for an ownership stake in your app. Sure they might charge less up front, but if your app really takes off, you are sharing the profits with them as a partner, or if they aren’t carrying out your vision and you decide to work with someone else instead, you may not be able to.

That’s not our way. You own your idea, and everything we do for you at each stage of the project. With the NDA, we promise not to copy your idea or to share it with anyone else.

“You basically have all the power, and that appealed to me,” Zach says.

But enough about us. Let’s talk about you — and your app

Once you fill out the NDA, we are going to ask you for some details about your app idea. We’ll also ask about any partners you have or a spouse or significant other who might be involved, because we want to make sure that if there are multiple decision makers, those partners are part of the conversation.

The next thing we’ll want to know is about the app idea itself, and about your experience level. We can help you best if we know who you are and what you know about your app’s area of focus. That might sound funny, but not all our creators are necessarily experts in their fields of focus. For instance, if you have an idea for an app to help DIYers redo their kitchens, we will start in one place if you’re an expert in kitchen design but a completely different place if you’re a person who loves to cook but has no home design experience. (For the record, though, we can probably help you in either case!)

Next, a team of our experts will review your app idea and come up with a plan

Once we have a solid understanding of the concept for your app and a good preliminary understanding of you, we will set up an internal project review team to figure out how we can best work with you. The team will include designers, graphics experts, and project managers, and it will take a business day or two, but we will get back to you quickly.

Not only will we not give you the hard sell, but in fact, while we do help many of the people who call us, we know that sometimes we aren’t the right choice for everyone, and we will let you know if that’s our concern in your case. But, either way …

We will schedule a follow up call a few days later to let you know how we can help

We will get back to you quickly to talk about next steps.

But that’s it. No cost. No hard sell. No high pressure. No obligation. Just a brief, “get-to-know-you” conversation.

We mentioned that there’s no cost to get to this point, right?

If you’re ready for something low key and high value, call one of our professional app developers to talk about your app. You can contact The Appineers at (877) 534-1301, or go here, click “Get Started” and we will reach out to set up a time to talk.

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