An App For Your Business

Consumers have embraced digital technology and mobile devices. With most people now regularly checking smartphones, the potential opportunities that apps provide have never been greater. If you run a business,here are just a few of the ways that an app could help your business more effectively reach potential and existing customers.

Reach Customers Directly

A mobile app helps businesses cut through the ocean of information that’s on the internet and reach their customers more directly. When customers are using an app, they aren’t lambasted with ads, other websites — which may be competitors’ sites — or irrelevant material. All they see when the app is open is what your business sends via the program.

When there are fewer distractions, your business is able to more effectively communicate with customers and will see an increase in customer engagement. This engagement can lead to customers who know more about your business’ products and services, customers who are happier with the service provided, and customers who purchase more.

Break into New Markets

If your business is trying to expand by breaking into a new market, an app can be used as an entry point into the target demographic.

Regardless of whether you’re targeting a different location, or the same location but different
demographic, many people will download an app for a small incentive. You can then use the app to get your business’ brand in front of those potential customers.

Increase Communications with

Getting customers to install an app on their phone gives your business direct and
near-constant access to them. Through notifications, the app can send them updates, reminders and any other communications you might want to share with them.

The ability to reach customers at any time is powerful. You can share news about sales, inventory in stock, and store events in real time, and you can also target customers with carefully tailored messages at key times. Since it’s free to push out a notification, there’s little reason not to use this feature.

Improve Customer Loyalty

Rewards programs have long used to build customer loyalty, and giving customers a free perk after so many purchases or visits has a proven track record. Businesses shouldn’t shy away from these in the digital age. If anything, they ought to embrace them even more because customers have so many choices available to them.

Loyalty programs that involve physical cards, however, are fraught with pitfalls that reduce
participation and minimize their value to customers. Some common issues that arise are as follows:

  • Customers lose their cards, eliminating any credits they’ve built up
  • Customers forget their cards, resulting in them carrying many cards
  • Cards go through the washing machine, rendering them difficult to see
  • Cards are occasionally counterfeited, resulting in a direct financial cost

Migrating to a digitally based rewards program that’s maintained through an app eliminates all of
these challenges:

  • Most customers always have their phone on them, so losing and forgetting cards is no longer an issue
  • Even if a phone is washed or dropped in the toilet, the app will still have a record of the customer’s activity
  • People can’t counterfeit an app and claim rewards they aren’t entitled to

Moreover, many major companies have already gone to app-based rewards programs.
Customers will find it natural to open and scan an app when they make purchases.

Collect and Leverage Data

As customers use your app, you’ll gain more and more insights into their decision-making processes and behaviors. The data that’s collected within the app can be leveraged to create better marketing materials and programs that reach customers in more effective ways and result in higher
conversion rates.

If your business needs an app, talk with The Appineers about designing one.